This Section is for users looking to use the TrustVault Sandbox environment or Production API. It will contain all of the critical steps to onboard as a client and start using the TrustVault API

Things you Need

  • iOS device (IPhone 6 or higher) is required for the onboarding process. The iPhone is only needed for the onboarding process and not required to sign transactions if you chose to use the API and perform self signing.


In order to receive your API key you need to create an account on our Sandbox environment. For this you will need to:

  1. Download Apple’s Testflight App (This will allow you to install an early release of the TrustVault For Developer app)
  2. Download our TrustVault For Developers App (via the invite link sent to you by email from Testflight)
  3. Enter your details and create an account via the TrustVault App (enter an email, name, T&C’s etc…). P.S. you do not need to submit valid Documents
  4. Create a Bitcoin and / or Ethereum Wallet on the app
  5. Email us saying you have completed onboarding and are ready to receive your API keys

Video Walk Through

Sandbox onboard

Downloading Postman

We absolutely recommend you download our free-to-use postman collection. This will hugely speed up your development flow and the following tutorials will rely on these postman queries.