Binance Smart Chain Overview


TrustVault now supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We will continue to add to the feature set over the coming weeks and months. If something is not yet available, please reach out to help.

For those looking for API information, please work through the BSC Tutorial.


In order to use BSC you will need:

  • iOS App (Developer or Production) version 1.39.1 or later.
  • A specific BSC sub-wallet created.
    • This can be created via a request to help or via the iOS App if you have a personal account, or via the API.
  • Optionally, register for BSC webhooks.


BSC integration works almost exactly the same way the Ethereum support works. This means that BSC sub-wallets will sit within a wallet and will use the wallet based policy rules for signing.

Supported Features

Below are the features supported right now:

  • Sub-wallet creation - you can create specific BSC sub-wallets.
    • You can use the API or ask for help in creating the sub-wallet
    • TrustVault Web support is coming soon
  • Webhook support - named webhooks for BSC (you will need to contact help to add these webhooks).
    • See our webhooks section for more details.
  • BEP-20 support for transfer via the API.
    • you will need to request your BEP-20 token to be added to our asset catalogue.
    • see our supported assets
  • API support
  • iOS Support
    • You can sign transactions via the iOS App.
    • You can view your BSC sub-wallet details.
    • You can initiate a BSC transaction.
    • You can view your BSC transactions.